NEW BATCH!!! ST015 – ST020 Available Now!!!!

Finally able to drop a new batch! Some of these tapes have been sitting in gestation for over a year, so I’m really excited to finally get them out!

Also, no more storenvy! All orders will now go through our bandcamp page which has been recently updated to include the entire new batch as well as some additional selections from our back catalog!

Without further ado…the tapes!

New tape from Massimo Onza of Compoundead’s solo project, Wound. 20 minutes of contact mic and synth wandering. Harsh explorations of bleak environments. Just because you’re alone in the void doesn’t mean you’re safe.

Double dose of Delaweird. Wether drops a deep-zone droner on the A-side while Winter Ritual occupies side B with three tracks of unknown origin. Transmissions from the other side.

Ashamed to say, this one has been sitting in the release queue for some time. JML brings 20 minutes of obtuse brain-dwellers that have only gotten better with age.

Newton drags the A-side through the sewer and lets you rest in the grime with two tracks of knob twisting scuzz. Winter Ritual’s B-side is a looped affair, repeating and repeating while you think about what you’ve done.

The only long player out of this new batch, Joe Breitenbach delivers 4 tracks of synth dreams for you to count analog sheep to.

Raw, blown out, black metal from Evan Craig of Dirge Electronics and Ritual Stance. Heavy as the night.

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ST 014 : Mike Shiflet “The Ocean Doesn’t Care That You’re Drowning” C30

Ohio’s Mike Shiflet should be familiar to most anyone with even a passing interest in the type of thoughtfully intense sounds he’s been laying down for years. He’s part of a rare breed of noise artist that can balance quantity with quality and develop an immense catalog of consistently essential recordings. “The Ocean Doesn’t Care That You’re Drowning,” continue’s down that path. A solid half hour of guitar and electronics shifting from quiet to devastating and back again. Just like the ocean. Not that it cares.

C30 / Ed. of 50

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ST013 : Stephen Palke “Slowgaze” C27

SP SG-1_preview
Repetitive loops of glitched out sound from VA’s Stephen Palke. ┬áLate night drives under bright lights.

C27 / Ed. 0f 35

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ST012 : York Factory Complaint “Death Of A Solipsist” C30

YFC DOAS-1_Preview
York Factory Complaint have been releasing essential noise across a number of reputable labels for a few years now (Robert & Leopold, Cae-Sur-A, Hanson, etc.). Consists of two live documents from 2012 recorded around the same time as their recently released LP on Dais Records. 30 Minutes of harsh industrial noise. Bleak.

C30 / Ed. of 50

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